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What we do today decides what happens to us tomorrow.

Take action, own your future.

The above quote is from Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky movie. I was probably  10 years old when I first saw Rocky on video (remember those). But it wasn’t until years later when I watched the film again that the “collector” scene resonated with me.  So much so it became one of the main philosophies I live be.

I believe you can apply the philosophy to almost every facet of your life.

To a large extent we become the sum of our choices. Our choices- either what we do – or choose not do – affect our lives. To me the line speaks volumes about consequences.

Consequences go both ways.

 As a financial adviser the main thing I want to impart to clients is this. You ‘gotta” do something – “pay the band” -if you want to reap the benefits – “dance”. If your retirement goal is to spend a month in Europe every year, you must take some action to reach that goal.

On the flipside if a client has put some thought into the matter, accepted that their retirement is going to suffer if they do nothing but are happy to live with the consequences then so be it. At least it was a conscious decision.  They may prefer camping holidays.  

Consequence is the ultimate teacher.

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Our journey

The Start

“If you like helping people, financial planning could be the role for you”

That was where it all started. A careers day. Three professionals – a Merchant Banker, a Broker and a financial adviser.

The financial adviser was the only one that resonated with me. That’s when I decided that was what wanted I wanted to do.

The Start
The Goal

The Investment Advice industry has changed so much lately. The Internet and social media have changed the game further. So much information exists at the tip of a finger that it becomes difficult to know what or who to trust.

The provision of financial advice needs to be more user friendly if it is going to meet modern client demands.

After working for others for years, the goal for Endgame Advice is to do things a little differently.  Forget blue suits and expensive ties to talk superannuation. Most people I’ve met want real and honest two-way conversations not formula driven sales spiels.  Nor do they always feel like battling traffic to meet in an office. 

Endgame advice will endeavor to:

Have real person to person conversations with the aim of finding client driven solutions rather than a prepackaged offer.

Offer online meetings and use other technology to streamline the advice process.

Use as little financial jargon as possible and always try to explain terms in simple language.

More listening. Less selling.

Educate clients on their options rather than confuse them.

The Goal
The Principles

The Principles that have defined the journey so far and will continue to do so.

It’s a marathon not a sprint, and it’s okay to take it one step at a time.

We give only the advice that is needed, but when it’s about an outcome believe that some sort of ongoing custodianship is always needed.

The biggest returns come from managing the things you can control, not the markets.

The Principles
The Path

Fit is everything. It means working with those who appreciate that openness and honesty, and appreciate that advice is about doing what’s best for clients above all else.

It’s the most important part of what I do and what I believe, except for one thing.

The End Game.

If we have agreement on what you want to achieve then it’s the basis of a working relationship to focus on achieving an outcome.

The Path

Meet Andrew

Andrew Bonnici
Financial Adviser & Founder

I’ve been a financial adviser since early 2001. During that time period I have seen the industry continually evolve for the better. The 2019 Royal Commission into Banking and Finance created much upheaval in the industry. Going forward I believe financial advice will be delivered more through smaller providers rather than large corporate institutions.

Endgame Advice was first established in June 2015. I would rather offer a more personalized advice experience to fewer clients than be part of a bigger machine trying to service a larger clientele.

I have always offered broad and comprehensive financial advice. I specialise in Wealth Creation, Wealth Protection and Retirement Planning. More specifically I advise in the areas of Cash and Fixed Interest, Equities, Superannuation, Self-Managed Superannuation Funds, Personal Insurances and Property and Lending advice both within and outside of superannuation.

My approach to advising has always been “placing the client’s interests above mine, what would I do in their position with the knowledge I have”. I truly believe that if you do the right thing by a person it is appreciated.

I believe there are few roles as diverse as a financial adviser’s simply for the fact that you are a lot of different things to a lot of different people. On any day you might be a trusted confidant, a sounding board, an educator, a reality check, a disciplinarian, a motivator or anything everything in between.

The type of things I offer clients and business associates are integrity, trust worthiness, experience, adaptability and the ability to listen closely and offer solutions.”

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